1CellBiO Inc is launched to commercialize inDrop™

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Media Contact: Colin J.H. Brenan, Ph.D. | Chief Executive Officer | c.brenan@1cell-bio.com | Tel: +1 781-248-9318

1CellBiO Inc is launched to commercialize inDrop™ for high throughput single-cell RNA sequence analysis.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, May 15, 2016—1CellBiO Inc was launched today to commercialize inDrop™ for applications in high throughput single cell RNA sequencing. First reported in the journal Cell (Klein et al., 2015, Cell, 161,1187-1201), inDrop is fast becoming a proven technology for high-throughput transcriptional analysis of large cell populations and their dynamics in a diversity of biological and clinical applications. The high data quality, workflow simplicity and overall versatility of inDrop has accelerated is adoption in leading research laboratories. “We are excited to launch 1CellBiO in response to the tremendous demand experienced as a result of the Cell article” said Colin J.H. Brenan, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of 1CellBiO. Added Founder Allon M. Klein, Assistant Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard University, “Our goal is for rapid and widespread dissemination of the technique and we believe this is possible though 1CellBiO.”

1CellBiO Inc is a leader in products enabling high-throughput, single-cell biology, including inDrop™ for high throughput single cell RNA sequencing. Learn more at www.1cell-bio.com.