1CellBiO Inc announces launch of its Early Access Program

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Media Contact: Colin J.H. Brenan, Ph.D. | Chief Executive Officer | c.brenan@1cell-bio.com | Tel: +1 781-248-9318

1CellBiO Inc is launched to commercialize inDrop™ for high throughput single-cell RNA sequence analysis.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 1, 2016—1CellBiO Inc announced today the launch of their inDrop™ Early Access Program. inDrop™ is a high-throughput method for RNA sequence analysis of many thousands of single cells developed by leading Harvard University researchers and published in Cell (Klein et al., 2015, Cell, 161,1187-1201). inDrop is fast becoming a preferred method for understanding the dynamics of cell populations at the single-cell level across a diversity of applications. “We are pleased to make inDrop commercially available to leading researchers through our Early Access Program” said Colin J.H. Brenan, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer. Sign up for the Early Access Program at www.1cell-bio.com.

1CellBiO Inc is a leader in products enabling high throughput, single cell biology, including inDrop™ for high throughput single cell RNA sequencing. Learn more at www.1cell-bio.com.