Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

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  • Capture more cells
  • Gain experimental control
  • Analyze disparate cell types
  • See the whole picture
  • Accomplish more for less
Come see us at 10th Annual NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress 2018
6th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress November 8–9  /  London  /  Exhibition Table #37
Featured Presentation
Single-Cell Analysis with the inDropTM System:  User Applications And Hacks
Chief Executive Officer, 1CellBio Inc.
November 9 at 9:30 – 10:00 am

inDrop System

Key Advantages

  • The Industry's Highest Encapsulation Rates: >90% with low doublet rate
  • More Actionable Info: Capture rare cell subpopulations and low abundant, bias-free transcripts
  • Versatile Input Requirements: Diverse cell types, sizes and quantities
  • Low Overall Cost Per Result: As low as 5¢ per cell
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Marrying Microfluidics and Barcoding Technology

1CellBio founders discuss the many advantages and applications of the proven droplet technology platform.

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  • UV Cleavage Device

    Rapidly release the DNA oligonucleotides, from the Hydrogel Beads. The 1CellBio UV Cleavage Device is a vast improvement over all previous devices used to release photocleavable oligo linkers. Learn More
  • Barcoded Gel Beads

    Flexible Hydrogel Beads with primers for transcript capture and barcoding. One tube contains 1 Million beads; enough for the barcoding of 40,000 cells. Delivery : 2-4 weeksLearn More


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The 1CellBio team is committed to enabling new scientific breakthroughs by developing and delivering versatile single cell technologies that provide pioneering researchers the freedom to follow their science wherever it leads.
— Colin J. H. Brenan, Ph.D. CEO, 1CellBio

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