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If this sounds familiar, it’s time to check out the inDrop™ System from 1CellBio.

inDrop System

The inDrop ™ System is the only scRNA-Seq platform that provides enhanced experimental control, more actionable information and a lower overall cost per result compared to other existing platforms.

Scientists can now conduct more studies looking at more cells to gain more insights.

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System Highlights

Less expensive to run more samples

Flexibility with design experiments

Ability to process challenging samples

Maximize data from clinical samples

inDrop Advantages

  • The Industry's Highest Encapsulation Rates: >90% with low doublet
  • More Actionable Info: Rare cell subpopulations and low abundant, bias-free transcripts
  • Versatile Input Requirements: Diverse cell types, sizes and quantities
  • Low Overall Cost Per Result: As low as 5¢ per cell

Diverse Applications

  • Cancer: Tumor profiling
  • Immunobiology: B-cell and T-cell receptor analysis
  • Drug Discovery: Identification and validation of new drug targets
  • Stem Cell: Cell-to-cell variation identification
  • Developmental Biology: Cell lineage tracing

inDrop Workflow

Step 1

Isolate and suspend cells

Step 2

Hydrogel Bead-Cell co-encapsulation
(In-drop synthesis of barcoded cDNA)

Step 3

Build sequencing library

Step 2

Apply informatics pipeline
(Analyze single-cell transcriptional data)

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